Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting cozy!

Happy monday friends! 
  We are so excited about thanksgiving in our family! It is just around the corner now so exciting. Everyone gets together and chats in the morning and afternoon at my in laws and then we go have dinner at my parents! I am so blessed and thankful for the family we have! Cant wait to have children to spred the joy! Do you guys go black friday shopping or just wait until cyber monday? Last year me and my husband did cyber monday and it was such a great experiense! This year i might try black friday!

 Any advise?

We had about 4-5 inches of snow this weekend! So we stayed home snuggled up our puppies & had warm food! I also brought out the christmas decor, a little early i know but i had to! Our tree is so small but so loved! Every morning i turn the lights on and drink my coffe or tea by it! Makes my heart happy!
Now our home is in christmas spirit with thanksgiving decor still around!! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed thanksgiving! 

Gobble Gobble 
Small world and a love blog.

Monday, November 11, 2013

24 pink candles!

Happy tuesday!! Today i turn 24 oh my, i am so thankfull for the life i have! Never did i thought i would be married to an amazing man for almost two years, planning a baby, being home owners! So many great things, and so many bad like last years horrible accident my husband was in ( most scariest thing i have ever been trough! ). This year i made my own cake and own frosting! I found this buttercream recipe on pinterest (no shocker) it is yet my all time favorite i will use this all the time! If you love your frosting creamy fluffy buttery and sweet this is it! Gosh i just feel in love with it!
 I am so blessed to have a family like i do, i have healthy parents, and in laws! So many great people joined us for a small dinner party this past saturday to celebrate my birthday we ate some yummy mexican food made by my amazing daddy! We had some tasty white cake with a new frosting recepie that i absouloutly fell in love with and so did my guest. It is always so much joy when we have both sides of our family join us. At one point i though our home was too big for us but with a few extra people and lots of little ones, our home could'nt be any smaller but i loved the company and all the happy vives! 

Dress by kikilarue! Similar here:

Frosting recipe the best buttercream ever, hands down!! 

P.S sorry for the poor quality photos! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday

November so quickly!!! Hope everyone had a awesome safe halloween! We only got one little trik-or-treater this year! We had lot's of candy left! 
   Tuesday's are always so busy and fun for us...we go to work and im planning ahead a easy yummy meal! When we get home, we are anxious to sit in our living room and watch our favorite show NCIS! We own all seasons and now that we are cought up we are watching on tv every tuesday! Last season was so good, but this season so far has been such a heart breaker! 

   In our home we are lovers of COD (call of duty) today was the release day for COD GOSHT!
We did not  know what to do first play, eat or rest up before our show! We did play a game or two, talked about what we though of the game! Had some yummy Sloppy Joes with some fries, then enjoyed a delicious cup of Cappuccino, what agreat Tuesday!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday already!

Hello there friends! 
Happy Monday!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend! For us this weekend was a cold one, we had out first frost and snow actually covered some ground! Yesterday we had our last cookout for the year, even though my hubby and parents want to have one more for my birthday that's in November! Im thinking some warm delicious dinner inside will be great, but convincing them is another story!! 

  Have you ever been so worried about something that you start dreaming about it for days? Well i've been having to much in my plate lately and it's been bugging me so much i just dream about it and i hate the results! Anyway...
 Does anyone own a Ninja blender? If you do, do you like it? Im thinking about getting one but I'm not 100% sure yet! 

Happy Monday! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Something new!

October half way gone!! Where did this year go!! So many good things this year has brought!! My husband started his new job, i love having him home everyday! Sitting down every evening having dinner at our table it is such a blessing! Blogging hasn't been such a success for me, but it's ok, because i love to write and express my feelings!

Happy fall friends

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letters to friends!

So i haven't been writing a whole bunch, i really do this just to clear my mind at moments! I am not sure if there is any readers, if there is thank you for reading!! I have realized how many people are starting to write letters so i started doing that myself! I have always loved to write (i don't  have pretty handwriting at all). So if any of my readers would love to join me on this writing letters experience just sharing a few words nothing fancy! E-mail me or catch me on Instagram and just give me your email and we can start from there!! I did subscribe to birchbox again and i really liked my products, i started reading a baby book and so far it is so good! Please share any of your favorite before getting pregnant books!! 

Thanks for reading
Small world and a love blog!! 

P.S does anyone else have this problem!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Our little home!!

Our little home is coming along! Im super trilled about it, i can't wait until is done and get to enjoy our hard work!! 
Here is our beautiful kitchen! Top is before and bottom is now! Sorry about all the counter shenanigans!! My one & only thing that has me in doubt, is that door. It leads into our laundry room i don't know if i should paint it black or just leave it!! I mean it kinda looks off the topic, so friends give me some ideas! Im working on getting some art work in those big white walls, any ideas are welcomed !! Thanks for reading!! 

Happy Friday! 

June Birchbox

I recently got the June birchbox, let me tell ya it was the best indeed!! Everything about what was in this little box was just perfect! I haven't been completely satisfied but this month was the best. I had already unsubscribe from it, i knew i had one box left and for my luck it was the best one, i am sure if i will subscribe to it again later! So here you go, get a look at what i got this month!! 

 This box was full of goodies, absolutely my favorite box!! 
This little perfume smells Devine I love it. Couture la la by juicy couture!

This is my favorite I will probably purchase more of this item. This liquid eyeliner is the best!! Thin point perfect, love it I was so excited for this!!

 Perfect little files to fit in your everyday 

Smells so good, this is a exfoliate with natural sugar! Super excited to use!

 This is mod in manhattan by color club, cute but not my style. Maybe for a French tip. 

 This jelly soft curls gel, i was so excited about this!! Im saving it for a special date night!! 

 Some post cards, that are really cute but don't have use for them! Maybe some day right!!! 

Happy day friends!!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Have you ever had such a rough day, that all you wanted to do was cry? Then im glad im not the only one 😉  For me crying is like medicine i feel so much better anyway, this week has been one of the thoughest out this year and im pretty sure more will come but i plan on eating doughnuts while i cry my eyes out! After being together for so long with out separating, me and my husband went back to working. He leaves Monday-Friday, i hate it after eight almost nine months of him being with me 24/7. Having physical therapy once in a while was just a few hours apart but now so many days! Today i finnaly broke loose and realized how much i miss him and need him here with me during the week! To all the ladies out there that have there husband near them hug them a little tighter every night. Our situation could be worse but i thank the lord its not, we struggle so much but we get stronger every time a new week goes by. I cant wait until the day that he comes home every day at a decent time to be home have a warm supper and just watch NCIS. I love him dearly and i already love our plans for the future the lord sure blessed me with an amazing man! 

Have a great thursday my friends! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Asking friends !

Hello blogers and readers i ask for prayers as our community of Moscow Ks is going trough some though times. Some hay bail where set on fire last night and its still going right now i packed a few things and our dogs are with me . I have a wonderful job that let me bring my pups and put them out in the backyard. My hubs is on his way home and we are all praying for this fire and all the people helping so it will be out soon. 
Thank you for your prayers!! 🙏

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A very good morning!!

So I usually sleep in on Saturday's with my hubby, not today I got up super early and what did I do !! Well I made some delicious rice crispy treats! So here is my recipe. Enjoy !!!!
So this is my 3 ingredient recipe on how to make rice crispy treats.
  1. butter half a stick
  2. marshmallows 1-2 cups
  3. rice crispy cereal 2-3 cups
 First you put your butter on a pan let it melt over medium heat. When it's all melted put all your marshmallows in to melt, stir occasionally. After all the marshmallows are melted turn your stove off then pour the rice cereal in, then stir until all is blended well like in the picture below.

After it's all done spray some pam in the container, then pour it all in. smooth it all down to one level. At this point you can either cut them up or just eat them while they are still warm!!!

sorry I couldn't rotate this picture !!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 2013

  I received happy mail today, got my third box of birchbox. Honestly this months box had to be the best, so many cute and fun stuff. I'm going to explain every item I received and later I will post a review.
 This little cute red bottle is a leave in conditioner. I have never been a fan of leave on conditioner but, I might just give this a try. It smells so so good, it is packed with awesome things for your hair. My number one thing that I loved about this it that it says uv protector, non-greasy & for all hair types. This had me at non-greasy!!!

 The amika products. Obliphica nourishing mask and obliphica hair treatment. The nourishing mask deeply conditions and repairs hair with sea buckthorn berry (obliphica) again for all hair types!! The hair treatment is an anti frizz, shine and nourishment, I love this I have the frizziest hair ever.

 This little bottle might be my favorite allready. It's a daily correct SPF 35 cc cream. There is not much to say best things do come in small packages.

 This I love as well, waterproof makeup remover. It is paraben-free, so I'm really excited to use them.

So that is all for my May 2013 birchbox.


Oops I forgot this super yummy smelling toothpaste. It's classic strong mint interesting, but how many fun stuff did I get.

Thanks for reading. Happy Wednesday

XOXO small world and a blog.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick recap

So here is a bit of what I have been doing instead of blogging. My hubs is back to work after his accident back in August. We are happy he is back but he is away four days a week sometimes five not very happy on that side. While he is away I usually stay home and a bunch of ideas cross my mind but don't manage to do or finish them. Last week I finished painting out kitchen cabinets I have one left that's our pantry door. I have a few other things that I have been starting to do like baby girl headbands that hopefully will open more doors on my photography carrier. I've been dreaming of a baby nursery but not yet , we wanna be healthier until then no baby planning. I have about 20-30 lbs to loose still it's harder and harder every day .  Any advise on healthy eating and all that good stuff is welcomed . Hopefully I get my head on straight and start blogging better, if there is any readers out ere that blog feel free to give me advise on design, wording, etc. hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Happy Monday y'all . 

Thanks a bunch
XOXO small world and a love blog.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's been a while but im back. Had some stuff that keept me busy, will share with you all soon! :) Me & my husband have been working on our house, excited to show everyone the before and after pictures!!
Happy Thursday y'all!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Double Soft

Hope you guys had a great week. Well here is my top most madest annoying thing i did.
So i went to go buy some shampoo it was a regular ordinary day. We got to the store picked up some not needed items like always.

So I'm really Obsessed with this coconut shampoo and conditioner so i picked some up. Came home put them away in the bathroom, Later on i was going to shower so i was going to use my new shampoo right well.................

 i got the beautiful news that i picked up TWO i repeat TWO CONDITIONERS (grrr) i was so upset. This has happened to me before i just have to look before i even leave the store. I remember picking them out and leaving one back because it was smashed i be that was a shampoo bottle, Never judge by it's looks hopefully i remember to look next time i pick some up ! Has this happend to anyone or am i alone on this ??

Have a great weekend!!

XO XO - Small World And A Love Blog.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March BirchBox

Hello, so i decided to join in the Birch box club.
last month i had subscribed to it but something happen and never received my box then they sent me a e-mail apologizing because of the inconvenience. I received my box last night and i was very pleased by the cuteness inside!
As Labeled
a. Vasanti BRIGHTEN UP!! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. This Exfoliating cleanser uses microderm crystals papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin (it's like they now that i needed this). I was very excited about  this product because i have been wanting to try them but i was not sure what brand and what kind so I'm going to give this one a try hopefully it works !! Full Size Price is $34.
B. Actual item not pictured (Sorry)! Anyway it was a little bottle named WHISH it's shaving cream as soon as u open the little box it smells like blueberry Yumm . Organic Shea butter in this foam-free shaving cream makes for an insanely close shave leaves skin incredibly soft. Too bad i just shaved my legs!!
C. My Favorite ... From Fusion Beauty LipFussion Infatuation Lip Fattener in La Lip Jolie. This moisturising gloss has a gentle plumping formula And goes on Super Smooth. p.s : NO STINGING .
D. This super cute Twistband and it's Purple. I've used these before and so far are some of my favorites.
E.  Beauty Extra Was this super cute Emery Board from Madewell it might be too cute to use it!!
Anybody else has that problem??????
So this was in my Birchbox this Month looking forward for the upcoming months!!! If u don't know what Birchbox is well it's Awesome....
Birchbox is the leading discovery commerce platform. They offer consumers a unique and perzonalized way to discover, learn about, the best of beauty grooming, lifestyle in the market.
XOXO- Small World And A Love !

Friday, March 8, 2013

For the FIRST time!!

Oh Hello there , i am very new here at the blogging world. Inspired by a few incredible people that are amazing blogger.So for the first time i am giving it a shot (eeek) Anyway i am Zelma and this blog i will show how to make some DIY (do it yourself) i love being crafty I am Hispanic so there will be some Mexican Food Recepieas i will share with you!!

If u love dogs well you will be seeing alot of my two pups that i love with all  my hearth.So please stick around and join me on this bumpy road!!

XOXO - Small World and A Love!!!