Thursday, March 14, 2013

March BirchBox

Hello, so i decided to join in the Birch box club.
last month i had subscribed to it but something happen and never received my box then they sent me a e-mail apologizing because of the inconvenience. I received my box last night and i was very pleased by the cuteness inside!
As Labeled
a. Vasanti BRIGHTEN UP!! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. This Exfoliating cleanser uses microderm crystals papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin (it's like they now that i needed this). I was very excited about  this product because i have been wanting to try them but i was not sure what brand and what kind so I'm going to give this one a try hopefully it works !! Full Size Price is $34.
B. Actual item not pictured (Sorry)! Anyway it was a little bottle named WHISH it's shaving cream as soon as u open the little box it smells like blueberry Yumm . Organic Shea butter in this foam-free shaving cream makes for an insanely close shave leaves skin incredibly soft. Too bad i just shaved my legs!!
C. My Favorite ... From Fusion Beauty LipFussion Infatuation Lip Fattener in La Lip Jolie. This moisturising gloss has a gentle plumping formula And goes on Super Smooth. p.s : NO STINGING .
D. This super cute Twistband and it's Purple. I've used these before and so far are some of my favorites.
E.  Beauty Extra Was this super cute Emery Board from Madewell it might be too cute to use it!!
Anybody else has that problem??????
So this was in my Birchbox this Month looking forward for the upcoming months!!! If u don't know what Birchbox is well it's Awesome....
Birchbox is the leading discovery commerce platform. They offer consumers a unique and perzonalized way to discover, learn about, the best of beauty grooming, lifestyle in the market.
XOXO- Small World And A Love !


  1. I've been wondering if I should try Birch box! I think I'm going to have to sign up!

    1. Hi Courtney, you definitely should it's only 10$ a month and you get a bunch of goodies! If you do sign up make sure you personalize your profile that way you can receive more sguff you want and like to try good luck:)