Friday, October 23, 2015

A baby story

A birth story. 
On Tuesday September, 23rd at 1:40 pm i went to a Doctor checkup. Our last one!!! I was dilated to a 2, we went ahead and scheduled a induction that Friday. We went home super excited. Double checked our bags and relaxed until the big day! 
On Friday September, 26 at 7:00am i got admitted to the hospital. That morning we picked up grandma (my mom) & headed for the hospital. We visited with the doctor & he broke my water a few hours later i was dilated to a 5 contractions were in full effect. Shortly after we got an epidural.. we had family come & go! We all joked laugh & slept a little. 
  Around midnight we were fully dilated, i was ready to meet you! I pushed & pushed, your daddy keep telling me how good i was doing. But you were not coming, we took a break. Doctor came in and checked me out, & he said that you were not lowering down & you were a bit breeched. This made me very disappointed on my self. At this time i was in tears and in so much pain. I didn't want a c-section, i wasn't scared just disappointed in my self for not being able to have you normally. Doctor had decided that a c-section was the best decision, after almost 19 hours of active labor. We got everything ready, i was so excited to finally get to hold you.
  Saturday, September 27 3:40am  Before we knew it, the doctor told your daddy stand up he is coming. The look on his face was priceless, you were here and the doctor joked and said my goodness he is full grown let him walk to the nursery. Your daddy looked at me & said he is so big & beautiful.
   They weighed and measured you, 10lbs 1oz & 21 inches of pure heaven! I got to see your beautiful little face, it was the happiest most proudest moment of our lives! Baby boy we love you so much. I got to see you up close gave you a big kiss & they took you away to check.            
     Everything was great after two hours I got to hold you finally!! It was unbelievable to finally have you in my arms. A few days later we got to take you home. Our first car ride as a family of 3 was full of emotions, I couldn't believe we had a baby, our own baby boy! Today you are one and it's unbelievable to me. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Where has time gone!! We welcomed a sweet baby boy on September 2014 we are so in love with him. He is 10 months old & such a handful, he keeps us busy no doubt. As a new mom I've learned so many new things. & I'm sure there is plenty new things i will learn as we go! As i sit here thinking how much my life has changed, truth be told i love it. So many things I expected to happen when i became a mom. I never imagined I would love it as much as i do. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

It's been a while

Hi there old friend!
 Im back again...i Have been super busy life is absolutely great! We welcomed a baby boy into our lives a month ago! His name is William Conner, we are in love with him! Soon i will post his birth story here, im currently working on :) Being a mommy has tottaly changed my life (for the good)!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day's are hard!

Happy Tuesday friends. 
  I've had a very hard time remembering that God always gives you what you can handle. Sometimes days are hard, i stop and think "why us? Why us? " but after a good prayer and a great talk, i find peace from all around us! Someting that has been stuck to my head for a while is "God has perfect timing"

  As much as we want something in life is never easy! We have to work our way, pray everyday for as much trouble we are  going trough we don't blame anyone! Things happend and when you stop and think why it did happen now, and not four months ago? God had it planned, at the end it was better and if it did happend now it was ment to be! 
  Now a days is hard to find a group of people who are nice and honest! But family is always there in the good and the bad! I am so thankful to have my husbands grandparents close by, since mine are far away,I am thankful to have sisters now! 

 Yesterday was a rough day, we said our goodbye's to a loved one! 
Philippians 1:3 - I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Smell

Hello friends,

Happy new year, 2014 already! Do many great things have happend, but i am so ready for this new year and all the new blessings and opportunities it will bring! So everyone has that list that they want to accomplish in the new year!  I also have one, i will share it with you! 

Not just in that order! 
Feel free to share your goals! 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting cozy!

Happy monday friends! 
  We are so excited about thanksgiving in our family! It is just around the corner now so exciting. Everyone gets together and chats in the morning and afternoon at my in laws and then we go have dinner at my parents! I am so blessed and thankful for the family we have! Cant wait to have children to spred the joy! Do you guys go black friday shopping or just wait until cyber monday? Last year me and my husband did cyber monday and it was such a great experiense! This year i might try black friday!

 Any advise?

We had about 4-5 inches of snow this weekend! So we stayed home snuggled up our puppies & had warm food! I also brought out the christmas decor, a little early i know but i had to! Our tree is so small but so loved! Every morning i turn the lights on and drink my coffe or tea by it! Makes my heart happy!
Now our home is in christmas spirit with thanksgiving decor still around!! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed thanksgiving! 

Gobble Gobble 
Small world and a love blog.

Monday, November 11, 2013

24 pink candles!

Happy tuesday!! Today i turn 24 oh my, i am so thankfull for the life i have! Never did i thought i would be married to an amazing man for almost two years, planning a baby, being home owners! So many great things, and so many bad like last years horrible accident my husband was in ( most scariest thing i have ever been trough! ). This year i made my own cake and own frosting! I found this buttercream recipe on pinterest (no shocker) it is yet my all time favorite i will use this all the time! If you love your frosting creamy fluffy buttery and sweet this is it! Gosh i just feel in love with it!
 I am so blessed to have a family like i do, i have healthy parents, and in laws! So many great people joined us for a small dinner party this past saturday to celebrate my birthday we ate some yummy mexican food made by my amazing daddy! We had some tasty white cake with a new frosting recepie that i absouloutly fell in love with and so did my guest. It is always so much joy when we have both sides of our family join us. At one point i though our home was too big for us but with a few extra people and lots of little ones, our home could'nt be any smaller but i loved the company and all the happy vives! 

Dress by kikilarue! Similar here:

Frosting recipe the best buttercream ever, hands down!! 

P.S sorry for the poor quality photos!