Monday, November 11, 2013

24 pink candles!

Happy tuesday!! Today i turn 24 oh my, i am so thankfull for the life i have! Never did i thought i would be married to an amazing man for almost two years, planning a baby, being home owners! So many great things, and so many bad like last years horrible accident my husband was in ( most scariest thing i have ever been trough! ). This year i made my own cake and own frosting! I found this buttercream recipe on pinterest (no shocker) it is yet my all time favorite i will use this all the time! If you love your frosting creamy fluffy buttery and sweet this is it! Gosh i just feel in love with it!
 I am so blessed to have a family like i do, i have healthy parents, and in laws! So many great people joined us for a small dinner party this past saturday to celebrate my birthday we ate some yummy mexican food made by my amazing daddy! We had some tasty white cake with a new frosting recepie that i absouloutly fell in love with and so did my guest. It is always so much joy when we have both sides of our family join us. At one point i though our home was too big for us but with a few extra people and lots of little ones, our home could'nt be any smaller but i loved the company and all the happy vives! 

Dress by kikilarue! Similar here:

Frosting recipe the best buttercream ever, hands down!! 

P.S sorry for the poor quality photos! 

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