Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Have you ever had such a rough day, that all you wanted to do was cry? Then im glad im not the only one πŸ˜‰  For me crying is like medicine i feel so much better anyway, this week has been one of the thoughest out this year and im pretty sure more will come but i plan on eating doughnuts while i cry my eyes out! After being together for so long with out separating, me and my husband went back to working. He leaves Monday-Friday, i hate it after eight almost nine months of him being with me 24/7. Having physical therapy once in a while was just a few hours apart but now so many days! Today i finnaly broke loose and realized how much i miss him and need him here with me during the week! To all the ladies out there that have there husband near them hug them a little tighter every night. Our situation could be worse but i thank the lord its not, we struggle so much but we get stronger every time a new week goes by. I cant wait until the day that he comes home every day at a decent time to be home have a warm supper and just watch NCIS. I love him dearly and i already love our plans for the future the lord sure blessed me with an amazing man! 

Have a great thursday my friends! 

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