Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letters to friends!

So i haven't been writing a whole bunch, i really do this just to clear my mind at moments! I am not sure if there is any readers, if there is thank you for reading!! I have realized how many people are starting to write letters so i started doing that myself! I have always loved to write (i don't  have pretty handwriting at all). So if any of my readers would love to join me on this writing letters experience just sharing a few words nothing fancy! E-mail me or catch me on Instagram and just give me your email and we can start from there!! I did subscribe to birchbox again and i really liked my products, i started reading a baby book and so far it is so good! Please share any of your favorite before getting pregnant books!! 

Thanks for reading
Small world and a love blog!! 

P.S does anyone else have this problem!!

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  1. Hey ! I just came a food your blog and love it! I used to get birch box too but I felt the same way, I was always let down by it so I unsubscribed. But looks like it's good now!