Saturday, May 25, 2013

A very good morning!!

So I usually sleep in on Saturday's with my hubby, not today I got up super early and what did I do !! Well I made some delicious rice crispy treats! So here is my recipe. Enjoy !!!!
So this is my 3 ingredient recipe on how to make rice crispy treats.
  1. butter half a stick
  2. marshmallows 1-2 cups
  3. rice crispy cereal 2-3 cups
 First you put your butter on a pan let it melt over medium heat. When it's all melted put all your marshmallows in to melt, stir occasionally. After all the marshmallows are melted turn your stove off then pour the rice cereal in, then stir until all is blended well like in the picture below.

After it's all done spray some pam in the container, then pour it all in. smooth it all down to one level. At this point you can either cut them up or just eat them while they are still warm!!!

sorry I couldn't rotate this picture !!


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